Birding the Bowmanville Area

This blog is going to be a birding blog that is based in the Bowmanville, Ontario area. Bowmanville is about one hour east of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. One focus of the blog will be the life and times of the Ospreys that breed in the marsh along the waterfront. Birds will be the focus but other critters may raise their heads on occasion.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nest Repair in Progress!

In between snowstorms today, April 17, I went down to the West Side Marsh and checked to see if "our" Ospreys were back. Sure enough both birds were present. One of them was hard at work repairing/remodeling the nest. It is on the second most westerly of the four platforms. The other bird was resting on one of the branches on the most westerly platform. It was great to see them back as I always question if they are both going to make it through the winter and the long flights, both south in the fall and north in the spring! In other Osprey news I noticed on the ONTBIRDS bird alert someone reported that two sets of cell phone towers near Aurora, ON which have historically had nest on them have been changed to prevent there nesting this year. hopefully theses birds will find other suitable nest sites in time to raise their young this season. As of the 14th of this month the count for Ospreys going past Beamer point was 24. I am sure many of the Ospreys follow close to or over the lake and are thus not seen by the hawkwatch staion.
Other birds of note seen in the vicinity were Caspian Terns, Kestrel and Merlin as well as my first for the year Brown Thrashers. Always nice to see them!

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