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This blog is going to be a birding blog that is based in the Bowmanville, Ontario area. Bowmanville is about one hour east of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. One focus of the blog will be the life and times of the Ospreys that breed in the marsh along the waterfront. Birds will be the focus but other critters may raise their heads on occasion.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ospreys are returning!

Tonight while in the backyard lighting the barbecue I looked up to seean Osprey circling in the overcast sky. It was the first I have seen this year and being April 4th it is quite early for the year. It didn't look like it was one of he Bowmanville marsh birds as it appeared to be heading off to the northeast likely towards Rice Lake or the Kawarthas.
So far this year the Beamers Point Hawkwatch at Grimsby, ON has only recorded 1 Osprey. This was April 2nd. Also last week the Buffalo bird report listed an Osprey as a late arrival at the Tift Nature Preserve near Buffalo. I have not seen or heard any other reports this year so I was quite pleased to see the one over my yard today.
Other birds seen today include Wild Turkey on a Bowmanville lawn as I drove to work this AM.

Back on the Osprey topic, below is a photo of the Osprey platform at the mouth of the Wilmot Creek in Newcastle, ON. It has remained to my knowledge unused since it was erected. I think it is probably too vulnerable to predation by Raccoons for the birds liking!!

The Osprey platform at Wilmot creek.

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